Top 50 Kids Coaches

Award Overview

Top 50 Kids Teachers

Since 2004, the Top 50 Kids Teacher Award has honored the elite professionals who have dedicated their careers to developing junior golf in their communities and who are known for their overall excellence and commitment to serving youth. These experienced individuals have committed themselves to help kids develop a love for the game of golf that lasts well beyond their junior days. Finding the ideal instructor is an important process for parents of junior golfers. U.S. Kids Golf is proud to associate itself with these distinguished professionals and enthusiastically recommends them to all young golfers.

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Master Kids Teachers

Since 2008, U.S. Kids Golf has named Master Kids Teachers to honor instructors for their ongoing efforts in growing the game of golf among kids. These individuals have earned the distinction of Master Kids Teacher by winning the Top 50 Kids Teacher Award three or more times. Being named a Master Kids Teacher is the highest honor an instructor can receive from U.S. Kids Golf. There are 155 teachers who have received this honor. View a list of this year’s honorees.


Application And Selection Process

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